e are Wendy and Jack Newmeyer, co-founders and owners of Maine Balsam Fir Products, our dream come true. More than thirty years ago, as children growing up in suburban New Jersey, we wondered what it would be like to live on a farm ... to fell trees in our own woods and build things from those trees. Not knowing each other until adults allows each of us to claim the vision as our own. But it was a chance meeting in 1974 which brought us together. We quickly discovered how similar our dreams were of moving to the country and set about saving money immediately with the goal of buying the right piece as soon as we could. We searched first through the United Farm Agency and Strout Realty nationwide catalogs of land for sale.  We narrowed our search to 12 states and wrote hundreds of letters inquiring about the details. We spent four years searching until in 1977 we came upon a place in the western lakes and mountains region of Maine called The Oxford Hills. This hardscrabble area beckoned us for many reasons. We found the perfect piece of land with every item on our wish list ... only it was twice the money we had budgeted and over 100 acres! What would we ever do with all that land? So we kept looking, two more weeks in Maine that summer and even put a deposit on a piece up in Dexter (Maine). But we couldn't stop thinking about that piece with the nice brook bisecting it over in western Maine. A fall visit to hike Mt. Katahdin and canoe the Allagash River provided the clarity of thought needed to realize we'd never find a better place for us, or with more potential. Perhaps we would offer a low bid, and leave it up to God to provide us the direction and ability to make it work. We did and He did and that's the story of our lives in a nutshell. In 1983 we combined our talents and interests and our company was born. We have remained true to our ideals and have kept our commitment to leaving the world a better place than when we found it.


e are pleased to share our completely natural products with you. They are made from hand cut balsam fir branches which we process right here in the tiny hamlet of North Paris, Maine. We are an environmentally friendly operation. The balsam we use is collected on small family farms as a secondary product from their tree-cutting businesses.

e are dedicated to producing the very finest balsam pillows available anywhere in the world. We employ local people, many are mothers and grandmothers who sew at home. In the tradition of New England Yankee Craftsmanship, each of our pillows is meticulously made. Your satisfaction is our goal. Our products are fun to own and to give and we have a great time making them!

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